Cats Control Treatment

Although cats make great pets, there are many times when wild populations or cats left to run loose can cause problems. Evergreen addresses some of these problems and offers solutions. Evergreen provides the best services of Cat Control Treatment in Karachi, Pakistan. Contact us to make your life and your yards secure from predatory cats.

Nuisance cats can cause damage to plants and yards. A cat has many predatory instincts which are lived out when they are able to forage freely beyond the confines of their home. Many times they will prey upon your birds and wildlife which are easy targets around bird feeders.

Cats like to leave scent markings to let other cats know their territory. This smell is both offensive and lingering in human surrounding. Many times it will lead to further cats coming around. This is the most common problem found in homes now; feral cats living in the wild but coming to one location to meet, mate and make a complete mess!

Cats rely heavily on scent and the first way to get rid of lingering cats in the yard is to diffuse their odor. Once cats start defecating in the yard, the smell will attract more cats which means more urine, more feces and more spraying to the surrounding trees, landscaping and structures. To stop cats from finding your home, you need to contact Evergreen.

Most animals use scent to identify good trails to use and where all the “action” is in the neighborhood. Often times these smells are hard to detect. Cat odors are very strong and can’t be missed. And they carry for great distances attracting cats from miles away.

Cat Control Treatment
Cat Control Treatment

The most important step at getting rid of cats in the yard is to get rid of these attractors. Evergreen provides a biodegradeable fast working service which neutralizes odor immediately. It can be sprayed over grass, pine straw, flower beds, trees, shrubs and strucutres with no risk to the plants.

Our expert knows how to mix gallon of water and plan on getting of coverage per mixed gallon. In general, you want to target all pathways, routes of entry to your property and the ground they are using for a litter box. They will commonly climb over fences so spray them too.

In some cases, you may have to live trap out local populations to have a significant impact. This commonly happens since cats are quite good at surviving in the wild. And once they start breeding, feral cats can become a real problem around urban environments where food is plentiful and shelter not hard to find.

We provide Trapping Service setting out large cages where the cats are active. The smallest trap that’s effective for cats. This trap is easy to use and works well. It features a removable rear sliding door making for easy trap sets and animal release.

When baiting for cats, set the trap with the front door locked open for a few nights. Once taken, We set out another portion just inside the trap. We make sure to line the trap floor with pine straw or other material around the trap. This help lower their concern about entering.

After we take the bait twice, we use a live set by unlocking the door and placing 2 tablespoons on a small paper plate along with some at the trap entrance to free the trap cat away.

Evergreen provides the best services of Cat Control Treatment and our techniques are professionally done. Contact us to make your life and your yards secure from predatory cats.