Best Cockroach Control Treatment

Finding cockroaches in your residence or work place can be very distressing. Cockroaches are known carriers of illnesses such as Salmonella, Dysentery & Gastro-enteritis, exposure to this pest also poses certain health risks. Increases in eczema and asthma have even been linked to cockroach approaching. Cockroaches are very tough insects and their efficiency to breed rapidly makes professional treatment essential to control any infestation. Evergreen provides the best Gel Cockroaches Control treatment in the least possible time to give the most rapid, and cost-effective Cockroach Control.

Only expert Evergreen have solutions which are powerful enough to eliminate all stages of their lifecycle. Cockroaches are most commonly found in premises that are commercial in which food is produced or handled, such as restaurants and catering establishments. However they are well known in domestic situations where they live in kitchens and drains.

Gel Cockroaches Control
Gel Cockroaches Control

The Modern Cockroach approach
Cockroaches are pervasive, elusive and prolific. They are associated with numerous pathogenic organisms, a source of human allergens and invariably suggestive of poor hygiene. As such their presence where there is stored food, processed or served is unacceptable. Controlling cockroaches in these surrounding can be challenging. They commute easily on deliveries, reproduce rapidly and preferably to live inside difficult to access cracks and crevices.

These challenges are over come by control methods involving inadequate inspection, insufficient co-operation between multiple building occupants and over reliance on single products or application methods. Evergreen suggest Gel Cockroaches Control treatment is the best way of minimizing the cost of cockroach treatment while maximizing its impact and convenience for all concerned.

Prevention of cockroaches is not that easy. You have to apply more them one method at a time to prevent them from getting in. they first thing you need to do is to keep your home clean making it unattractive to cockroaches. After that, you will need the right products (pesticides) in hand to deal with them.

It is a ready-to-use formulation of the advanced insecticide, fipronil, which is more potent and faster working than any other gel bait on the market. Evergreen Gel is easy to apply with precision in the least possible time to give the most rapid, lasting and cost-effective Cockroach Control. It is applied discretely and the low dosage ensures the granted safety and least disruption, even in the most sensitive areas.

Low dose rate gives great value for money
The superior potency of gel treatment means that treating cockroach infestations with Evergreen Gel requires at least 60% less bait than any alternative treatment. This makes a single tube go almost 3 times as far as other gel baits, offering far greater cost effectiveness in use than simple weight based comparisons suggest. Together with the specially designed dosing gun which allows small bait points to be accurately placed in even the least accessible of locations, the lower bait requirement also allows valuable savings in treatment time.

Cascade Effect for Complete Control
Cockroach Control treatment takes advantage of the fact that poisoned cockroaches return to their harbourages before dying where other individuals consume both their faeces and remains. Laboratory and field studies show gel is readily transferred from one cockroach to another in this way. Its high potency ensures continued effectiveness even after several such transfers.

This dramatically increases the number of individuals killed by a single bait point in the so called cascade effect which increases with population density. It also ensures the fipronil reaches the young nymphs and egg bearing females that seldom venture far from harbourages, giving more complete control of infestations.

The lasting effect of gel treatment is further enhanced by a very stable formulation that remains both attractive and active for a long period of time.

Fast, Reliable Action for Immediate Results.